Realtor Listing House Refresh in Oceanside, CA

Oceanside realtor house washing

We received a call from a local relator who had a property that was going on the market in one week. She said the property previously had the original owners of over 25 years and the home was in need of a house wash, cobb web removal from the eves and all concrete surfaces cleaned. Prior to getting to the property the agent said that there was a lot of staining on the stucco near the bottom and is all original paint. Upon arriving on the job we walked the property with the agent to review the scope of work. Much of the stucco was very fragile and frail so we assured her we would use our soft wash system/low pressure with heat to ensure no damage would occur from the house cleaning. The final project turned out great and the agent was super happy with the work. The staining on the stucco lightened tremendously (still a little wet in the photos) and the concrete surfaces looked new again. We also did a few extra areas outside of the request while we were there. We cleaned up the algae on the retaining walls and even did the city sidewalk to ensure the property would pop for the showings. Now the agent wants us to come to her personal residence to revitalize that property too!


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