Rental Property Pressure Washing in San Diego, CA

Rental property cleaning

We had a property manager call requesting one of their properties to be cleaned. Specifically they wanted to ensure all of the algae and mold that has bloomed from all of the recent rain we have been getting be taken care of. All-Star Power Wash of San Diego assured him that we have the best equipment available to be able to take on this project. During the project we were able to clean 90% of the property with our high heat pressure washing system and no chemicals. After the entire areas requested were cleaned, we did a post treatment to reduce the time the organic growth would start building up for their residents. The property did not have much drainage and had two areas where the water would pool up. We used our water reclamation vac. and were able to such up the water and put it into our 200 gallon grey tank on our trailer. If we did not have an environmental vac. system, this project would have been near impossible to complete. Turned out great and the property was revitalized!

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